Attention ANYONE whom cares about the future of racing in utah! Extremely important!

Andrew Cartwright AKA Center Point has now filed for an injunction and restraining order blocking the sale of Miller Motorsports Park. This isnt just a fly in the ointment, this is potentially very damaging to the businesses who do business based on the park being open. The race Clubs cant set next years dates, the big races wont schedule events, shops like mine suffer badly based on customers not being sure they will have a place to race, Apex Trackdays cant get dates and their customers are uneasy, Race Series and racers cant secure Sponsorship with an uncertain future and that will cause them to be unable to remain in business. Center Point thinks they will have damages if they dont get the sale? Friends of the track, business owners who rely on the track, race clubs, trackday and school operators.... its time to stand together. If this injunction and restraining order are granted we need to come together in legal action against Mr. Cartwright and save our park, our businesses and our friends. Court documents:



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