Well, it started out as an idea. The co-founders of Ignite were live streaming Womens Semi Pro Football in SLC and riding sport bikes in the canyons when we happened to meet Kelly Rees, owner of Trackstar Racing and father of the fastest 13 year old and ONLY one in the US racing a 600cc sport bike. We mentioned what we did for fun and Kelly started talking about trying to get more butts in the seats at MMP for the Utah Sport Bike Association races. Playfully, we stated “It can’t be that hard to broadcast motorcycle racing”. Needless to say, we would eat those words. With the guidance of Kelly, USBA Board and MMP we set out to design, build and test the on boards while gathering the equipment needed to broadcast the races. Without the unwavering support of the USBA and MMP to allow us to test our equipment along with all the racers whom supplied their machines as test subjects for our cameras we would not have made it this year. Thanks to Trackstar Racing for opening up his shop and making literally anything we needed available. Gauge Rees the Owners son raced with an on board camera all year long making what we did look good! Needless to say, we captured some AMAZING racing action and made friends for life and without these relationships we wouldn’t still be here preparing for year two!

Based out of the Salt Lake Valley we provide the means to view it LIVE from any location. With our top notch video production and un paralleled Live Event Streaming Service we provide the ways and means to have your event seen LIVE all over the world and across multiple platforms. We don’t just point a camera and let it go, we bring to the table an entertainment package of stationary and on board cameras, graphics and commentary to suit all ages. Continually pushing the boundaries in technology we strive to provide our customers with the exposure they long for.

Ignite Media strives to provide a viewing experience typically only produced by a major network. We bring coverage to motor sports enthusiasts across all digital platforms. Encompassed within this open space is continuing efforts to push electronic boundaries in event coverage. During our first year broadcasting at Miller Motorsports Park Ignite combined multiple technologies to produce on board cameras mounted to sport bikes traveling at speeds up to 170 MPH and broadcasting that action LIVE via those cameras around the world! Producing action previously only found in MotoGP and World Superbike Racing, Ignite helped propel Club Racing to the next level and bring the non stop action to the masses unlike anyone or company has before.

Our roots are deeply planted in the motor sports genre and span outward like a branch from a 100 year old oak. We are by nature gear heads whom have rode, drove, raced and crashed nearly anything with wheels and a motor. Our mission is to bring the incredible action found at the club level to the masses, their sponsors, friends and family all over the world. Affording LIVE coverage of any event where you can't be present in person.

Throughout 2014 Ignite Media Productions broadcasted the Utah Sportbike Associations Masters of the Mountains Series presented by Vortex Racing held at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Ut. Ignite also ventured into Southern California to broadcast a round of the Moto West GP series at Buttonwillow Ca.

"During our first year there were a lot of growing pains along with many successes. Throughout it all, our friends and family stuck with us and without them and the support of the motorsports community we couldn’t have done it" said Co-Founder Josh Elkins.

2015 promises to be the game changer and we are looking forward to bringing it all to you the fans better than ver before.