Its been a crazy first year in business/debt. Haha. Its amazing what you learn along the way and the people you meet. We started Ignite with the sole intent to help get more butts in the seats to watch the Utah Sportbike Association series held at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele Utah. In order to do that it took three guys and their tolerant better halves jumping into a world they new very little about in regards to filming, broadcasting or media in general. We all had a passion for anything with a motor and wheels and the "want to" educate people as to the awesome racing/racers/sport/family that made up the motorsports community in Utah.

We started testing cams and soon found out that you can’t stream a Go Pro camera over a few feet so……… They, were out. That began our exploration into finding and ultimately building an on board camera setup with the club racer in mind. Through the Pro Tips, Work trips, late nights and empty bank accounts we forged through with the unwavering support of so many awesome people.. We can’t thank you all enough!! All we wanted to do was something cool and show people the other side of just riding motorcycles or just building/creating kick-ass motorized vehicles. We had the help of our friends that rode whom gave us hours of their time testing, inputing and troubleshooting issue and hiccup after hiccup. We had business owners, tech companies, racing organizations along with good and bad luck throughout the year. We only wanted to bring eyes to the awesome racing at the club level that most do not see unless they show up to support family and friends. Through the successes and sometimes complete failures we forged ahead often times upset but happy because we were at the track and watching our friends and racers succeed and do things most folks would consider a waste of time and money. Throughout all of it we had support and the appreciation of nearly everyone whom knew what we were attempting to provide.

We were blessed to be asked to come to California and shoot a test round for the MotoWest Gp series by Niccole Cox and did so as well this year. Their are great people in that organization and they are doing all they can to get the average Joe on the track and racing to show them how awesome it can be. I think it goes without saying how well they run their series when Niccole was asked and accepted the Race Director position for MotoAmerica whom is taking over AMA road racing in the US starting in 2015 and beyond. Great people, Great series and true fans of the sport. We are also excited to see our buddy Eric Geib racing in their series for 2015 as well after moving to SoCal. We wish him all the luck and will be supporting his race effort in that series.

In case you didn’t watch any broadcasts or the videos on our website/Youtube page/Social Media we like to have a good time. If you can’t have a good time while being around something you love then why do it. Right?! With that said the Utah Sportbike Association members and board always supported us and helped us to stay positive and we can’t thank them all enough. As well as John Gardner with MMP. Without John and the facilities giving us unprecedented access to the entire facility nearly every time we needed to test something it wouldn’t have happened period. John is a good guy and if you ever get a chance to speak with him do it as he is an encyclopedia of motorsports and a good conversation to boot.

This next year we are going to refine our quality and consistency. We will be doing more pro tips and are very excited with what is in the works with new sponsors and new faces on camera. We hope you will all watch through the winter and that we can help scratch that cabin fever itch with some cool and informative videos.

We can’t wrap up this year without thanking some more people whom without their help and input couldn’t have made it possible. First off all fans and supporters of Ignite Media. YOU ALL ROCK. Special thanks to Kelly Rees and Trackstar Racing whom has allowed us to bounce ideas off of him and Gauge Rees as well as utilize his shop and bikes any time we needed. Also, Kelly has done some video work as well and the “Renaissance Man” helped us in too many ways to mention. Brandi Mair, Suzuki Busa, John Foote, Fay Ray, Kelly Rees, Gauge Rees Racing, Joy Drollette-Rees, Jason Fredrick and his awesome 3D graphics work. He’s a beast, someone hire this guy!!! Trackstar, Utah Sportbike Association Apex Trackdays (those guys rock, we can’t thank you all enough!) Christain Simplicity Vinyl "The General" Dana Wilson whom is always upbeat! Moto West Grand Prix, Cody Steggell, Lindsey Willis, Eric Geib, Donavon Mortensen, Abe Barlow, Jeremy Sargent, Ian Richardson, Joshua Martin, Barry Ketmany, Colton Griffin, Bobby Johnson, Chris Simmons, Drew Earl, Jerry Carson, Kevin Gore, Parissa Azarvand, 2 Wheel Podcast (listen, subscribe and support these guys) Miller Motorsports Park, Darren Recycle Solutions, LLC, Pin-Up Girl Espresso (GET THEIR COFFEE) Wright's Motorcycle Parts All our on board camera racers and friends that tested cameras every time we rode. All our runners at the races and folks that have helped and supported us. We probably left some people out but we do truly and deeply appreciate you. ALL OF YOU. Here’s to 2015!!

Please visit the Ignite Media website, YouTube Channel (IgniteMedia.TV), and Facebook (Ignite Media Productions). For any additional information, for all other questions please email us